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Become a sponsor advertiser with The Burning Spear newspaper, the world's oldest black power journal - in continuous publication for over 50 years. Currently The Burning Spear newspaper is distributed each month throughout North America, including in New York City, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Chicago, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Houston, Oakland, San Francisco, San Diego, Seattle, Portland, Memphis, South Carolina, North Carolina, Louisiana, Alabama, Virginia, Maryland and Florida. We mail direct to over 600 subscribers and we are growing rapidly! TheBurningSpear.com is a highly visible news site with users who have special interests in products and services geared to the black community. Through The Burning Spear newspaper and TheBurningSpear.com you can reach an audience that is especially interested in supporting independent African-owned endeavors. At the same time, you are supporting the sustainability of independent African-owned and controlled media that tells our stories and brings us together, uncensored by white corporate or government media owners. Africans and supporters worldwide are turning to independent African-centered media. We are pleased to offer businesses and organizations like yours the opportunity to reach our audience. ... more
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The African People's Socialist Party (APSP) has a glorious history of struggle and leadership of the worldwide African liberation struggle, which has been documented in the pages of The Burning Spear newspaper, in photos and on video and audio tape. This month the Party has embarked on a year-long project to digitize and catalog five decades of Uhuru Movement history captured in video, audio, photo and text, for use by the Uhuru Movement, students, activists, journalists, film-makers and historians. The archiving, cataloguing and publication of these materials will ensure that the theory, strategy and practical leadership of the African People's Socialist Party and Chairman Omali Yeshitela will be forever available to future generations, providing continued guidance and serving as a tribute to the role that the APSP has played in keeping the African struggle alive throughout the military defeat during the counterinsurgency and leading the way to victory against imperialism for all colonized and oppressed peoples. We are raising $5000 for digitizing equipment, computers, servers and cloud storage for this project. Thank you for your support! ... more
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Please enter the dollar amount for the payment you are making towards the Burning Spear Media Multi-Media Services fee for your event. ... more
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Donate to the general fund of Burning Spear Media, home of The Burning Spear newspaper, in print and online at theburningspear.com, and Burning Spear Publications, printing books and pamphlets by Chairman Omali Yeshitela and the African People's Socialist Party. ... more
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Everywhere the struggles of African and oppressed people are rapidly changing the world. The Spear's critical analysis gives readers the real deal on what's happening and shows how we are and can be part of the change.

Let's get the truth into the hands of the people!

About The Burning Spear newspaper

The Burning Spear newspaper is the oldest black power newspaper in existence. The Spear has published without interruption since the 1960s.

Known as the "Voice of the International African Revolution," The Spear carries dynamic articles on the most pressing issues affecting the lives of African workers in the U.S., in Africa and around the world.

This is the only place you can find real political analysis of the crisis of parasitic capitalism, insight into world and local events and a focus on the realities and struggles in the heart of the 'hood. On its pages, The Spear tells you how to get organized, how to struggle and how to win.

The Spear puts out the real truth and fights for one liberated and united Africa as the birthright of African people everywhere.

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Contribute to the Prisoner Fund of The Burning Spear newspaper, so that our brothers and sisters locked down can stay connected to our freedom struggle by receiving complimentary issues of the paper. ... more
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Burning Spear Publications is committed to developing self-reliant, independent publications to reach the hands and transform the minds of the African working class.

Burning Spear Publications must raise $3,000 to:
  • Print and reprint books and pamphlets on liberation strategy for African people in today's revolutionary era including:
    • Pamphlet: The Right Kind of Medicine
    • Pamphlet: Pan Africanism vs African Internationalism
    • Book: One People! One Party! One Destiny!
    • Pamphlet: Black Power in the Era of Barack Obama
    • Book: Reparations Now!
    • Book: The Struggle for Bread, Peace, and Black Power
    • Pamphlet: The Dialectics of Black Revolution
    • Pamphlet: The African Woman on the Questions of Revolution, Power, and Rape
    • Book: Black Power since the Sixties
    • Book: Not One Step Backward!
    • Learn more about all of these titles

  • Maintain the Prisoner Spear Fund
    Each month we ship The Burning Spear newspaper to prisons all over the U.S. Any prisoner who requests a subscription to The Burning Spear gets one, whether they can pay or not. We need your support to continue this important service.
This Black August, support Burning Spear Publications - Donate what you can.

Follow the campaign at uhurunews.com/blackaugust ... more
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Advertise in Burning Spear Media's outlets: The Burning Spear newspaper - print and online, and on UhuruRadio.com.

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** Please note: this is a recurring donation that will be deducted from your card each month, giving you unlimited download access to the audio podcasts of Chairman Omali Yeshitela's speeches.

Burning Spear Media needs your ongoing support to continue publishing and broadcasting the voice of the international African Revolution and to expand our news bureaus internationally!

By authorizing a monthly contribution of at least $10 to be automatically deducted from your credit/debit card, you will gain access to unlimited downloads and podcasts of the broadcast speeches of African People's Socialist Party Chairman Omali Yeshitela.

When you check-out, be sure to keep a record of your password. You will need the name and password that you will enter in the check-out page when you go to download Chairman Omali's speeches.

Thank you for your support!

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If your order is being shipped outside of the United States, or if you want faster shipping service, please contact Customer Service (support@burningspearmarketplace.com) to learn the additional amount required to cover the cost of shipping and enter it here.

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